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Ederly People

We are Akshy

We are a NGO that work with the so called Dalits or “Untocables”, the most desfavorable population on India to, through education, brake the circle of poverty and misery where they live in.

Apart for giving education in our Schools, we have women’s empowerment projects,  as well as social protection for ederly and disabled people.


Somos Akshy

Somos una ONG que trabaja con los llamado dalits o “intocables”, la población
más desfavorecida de India para, a través de la educación, romper el círculo de
pobreza y miseria en el que viven.

Además de dar educación en nuestras escuelas, llevamos a cabo proyectos
para el empoderamiento de la mujer, así como programas de protección social
dirigidos a personas con discapacidad y ancianos.


¿Where are we?

India, Bihar, Bodhgaya

Our projects localizations

We are ubicated in Northeast India, in Bodhgaya, within Bihar state, the most impoverished of the whole country because it has the higher illiteracy level and lower per capita imcome.

We work in serveral diferents villages in a rural zone near Bodhgaya where houses are made of clay and have not electricity nor running water. Access to villages is sometimes difficult due they do not have paved road so in monsoon season roads remain flooded. The population has dificulties to access to schools and medical centers leaving out in an absolute poverty environment, where we have our projects.

In this link you can check where exactly we are.

From our  Spanish headquarters, located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid), we raise funds for make possible our work in India.

C/ Patriarca San José, nº 2 bis y 1º D
28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial (España)

Our mission

Goals and values
India's caste

Goals and values

Our main goal is promote the India’s most underprivileged rural community development, especially of the “Untouchables”, for that we work promoting the eradication of extreme poverty and creation of more fair society, listening to the population necesities on the ground

Ethic, wisdom, responsability or altruism are values of our Universal Education’s Universal Education’s program that is deep within our DNA as well as respect for the different traditions, cultures and relligions, as long as they are not against human rights.

Our goal is give education for a purpose life, that improve people’s potential to achieve felicity and personal excellence, and with that reach general wellness, better society and a more harmonious world.


What can you do?

Be sponsor

For only a monthly fee of 20€ you can make that a child has a quality education, scholarly material, uniform, etc., get emotional support and having cover the medical attention.


You have the option of give a timely donation to be part of some of the association projects

Become a member

Choose the amount that you want to donate and the frequency, monthly, annual, etc.
Your contribution will be designed to all projects that we are working on, educational as well as social (Dada-Dadi, emergencies, preventive health lectures, etc.) and women school activities.

Our projects

Helping underprivileged population

Nuestros proyectos

Apoyando a los más desfavorecidos

Contact with us

We will be glad to assist you

C/ Patriarca San José, nº 2 bis – 1º D
28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial (España)

Phone: 684023404