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The universal right to an adequate, dignified dwelling,  is one of the human rights appearing in the Universal Declaration of Rights…… but, sadly, this right is constantly ignored.

right which is necessary for a child´s correct development and, with this in mind,  the conditions in which many of our pupils live is our constant anxiety. 

Within Assocation Akshy´s Programme  “A Roof, a Home” our aim is to help,  in the measure of our possibilities,  each child or grandparent have a roof over his head, offering protection and safety.  Some of our sponsors have joined us in the Programme; having learned of the terrible conditions in which their godchildren were living, they have made contributions enabling us to offer solutions to such a sorry state.

Poonam with her brothers and their mother pleading for help.

Liliana Piastra mentioned the problem to her friends and in this way the solidarity motor began to work, raising funds to help Poonam and her family have a roof over their head.

Rebuilding Poonam´s home  

Satmanti Devi with her three small children and their grandmother all lived in a temporary construction while her husband worked away in other states to bring home food for the family, but could not save enough to complete the building.

Satmanti Devi with her children and their grandmother are now happy living safely in a finished room.

With the help of Liliana, Satmanti Devi and her children have a decent home.  The whole family is very grateful since for them to have finished building their house would have meant many years of sacrifice.

Thank you, Liliana,  for your initiative and for the generosity of your friends!