AKSHY is a non-lucrative NGO the objective of which is the improvement of the standard of living of a rejected sector of the Indian population, the so-called “untouchables” or dalits.

We place special attention on children, women and the elderly since they are the most vulnerable in this community. We work in favour of development, believing that education and protection are the essential pillars on which the erradication of poverty is based.

Our work is designed to provide this vulnerable population with tools to help them break the vicious circle of ostracism and misery in which they live.  We understand that this is the best way for the poorest sector to reach a minimum level of wellbeing to last in future years.

In addition to educating and accompanying these people, we have projects designed to improve the general health of each community and the empowerment of its women.

We set particular importance on the education of girls, since they are the future mothers who will be in charge of transmitting to their sons and daughters the importance of  attending school and receiving education in moral values as well. In this respect, Akshy´s educational programme attempts to teach the children the importance of developing a good heart (regardless of individual religious beliefs).

Akshy India respects the multiplicity of cultures and religions which are a profoundly significant part of Indian life: its spirituality, customs and traditions.

In conformity with Legislation, Akshy India is an NGO registered on the 21st of January 2007 as a non-lucrative Association in the National Register of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior, number 588315, CIF V-84965912, and recognised by the Spanish
Agency for International Development and Cooperation (AECID), having its Head Office in San Lorenzo de El Escorial.