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My name is Raquel Mason and I am the Founder and Director of the AKSHY ASSOCIATION. I have lived in India since 2008 and I direct the projects in situ with the help of our teams both in Spain and in India. I wanted my life to have true meaning, convinced that we should feel within ourselves a universal responsibility for our fellowmen.  For this reason I left my comfortable life in Spain to pursue a dream: a better and more just world for all of us.  Every positive step we take gives me great pleasure.


My name is Catalino Giraldo, always known as Tino.  I am a Member of the Board of the Association.  I heard about this project from my wife in 2009 and was really surprised by the work being done so I decided to collaborate and get all my colleagues at work to join me too. I think we are well on the way! My visit to India to see the work being carried out by Raquel Mason, our Founder, with the scanty means at her disposal made me keen to help in the project.

diegoI am Diego, the Secretary responsible for events.  My relationship with Akshy began as a member in 2011 and, since then, I have built up a solid friendship with Akshy and the values it represents. In 2013 on a trip organized by Akshy I visited the project in India.  Getting to know the School and walking in the village of Amwan helped me to understand the reasons for Akshy´s need to be there.


Namaste! Some years ago I was a volunteer in the Akshay Educational Centre.  Its pupils taught me lessons in life which I could never have imagined and, since then, I help whenever I can in the area of communications.   Ana De las Heras

rosaHello everyone!  My name is Rose.  I learned about this NGO through a work colleague who is a great believer in solidarity. I started attending Akshy meetings occasionally and getting to know Raquel better. Finally I joined the trip to the Akshy centre in India – a surprise gift from my husband Tino. Here I found the force which drove me to fall in love with such an incredible project put into practice with so little aid; this is why I want to continue helping as far as I possibly can.

juliaI am Julia and my commitment to life led me to place myself at the disposal of the Akshy project, helping with the numbers as well as with its little market in favour of the needy in this part of India.

HilaryHilary – Whenever I could, I always tried to help children in difficult situations and when a friend spoke to me about how her daughter wished to improve the life of dalit children in Bihar, India, it sounded such a wonderful project that I was keen to cooperate. I help by translating into English.

RobertoyDianaWe are Roberto and Diana.  We learned about Akshy through a friend who travelled to India. From the very start it seemed to us a special project where, while being small or perhaps because it is small, one knows that the work being done is extraordinary.  For this reason we wanted to help by becoming members and contributing with our knowledge of web design.  Besides, we still cherish the idea of going as volunteers once our children get a little older…..

juana2Namasté. Somos Juana y José Ángel. Llegamos a Akshy de la mano de nuestros amig@s Diego y Pilar. Aquí descubrimos un proyecto que nos enamoró, descubrimos la sonrisa de las niñas y niños que día a día pueden ir a la escuela, descubrimos el hermoso trabajo que se realiza con las ancianas y las familias. Así nos fuimos implicando en el apadrinamiento, en las ferias y mercadillos, en las cenas solidarias y en tejer un sueño junto con otros soci@s de Akshy y con los dalit de la India.

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