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Fortunately, there are schools  and especially teachers who constantly keep in mind the importance of explaining to their pupils what solidarity really means.

At the end of May we mentioned that we had visited the Pomme d´Api Nursery School as we have done in the past. In this school videos and other activities are used to show the children a little more about India and how Indian children live.

On the 6th of this month the Pomme d´Api school organized a day for the children when they brought in all the toys they don´t play with any more or simply because they wanted to donate them. The toys were collected, then there was a little market another day when the children came with their parents.  These same toys were sold in the school at very low prices (1 – 5 Euros); the market was a success. In this way the toys were used again by other children and the proceeds were very generously donated to Akshy.

The funds will be used to purchase school materials for the three primary schools we have in India.

There are many ways of helping in a solidarity project and this one was wonderful, especially for the little ones.  Our sincere thanks to the Head Teachers of the Pomme d´Api school and in particular to Jessica who puts a lot of effort into organizing these events to help Akshy. Our thanks as well to Diego, Pilar, Julia and Maribel who devoted some of their own private time to make sure this event was a success.

And over and above everyone else, many, many thanks to the children who donated their toys and their Mums and Dads who took part in buying some