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por Raquel Mason | Jul 11, 2019 | Sin categoría | 0 Comentarios

Good news!  We are thrilled to share this news from Jaitiya! 

With private donations from Lucia and Sam, the funds collected by the Schools El Romeral in Molina de Segura (Murcia) and Colegio San Lorenzo in Ezcaray (Logrono) plus private donations and money collected in different events arranged by our Akshy team in Spain, we have been able to start work in the village of Jaitiya on the new Kamal school – we’ll soon get there!

The new school Kamal is being built with local materials such as mud, straw, bamboo, etc. but also with normal building materials (brick, cement, iron,etc.) where necessary.

The children’s parents are working without payment as labourers for the school’s construction, so taking part in the education of their children and giving them a sense of belonging

The school will admit up to 100 students. In this way we can give education to children with no schooling who belong to the poorest families of the village.

The children now studying in the open-air under a straw roofing will be transferred to the new school as soon as possible, although it will not be finished until after the monsoon season and when we receive more donations.  At the present time it’ s a race against the rains!

For Akshy it’s very satisfying to know that finally we will be able to  fulfil the wish of so many parents to send their children to school and, for our part, add our drop of water to the ocean in the education of the most deprived children.

We are pleased to show you these photos and the accompanying video:

of the construction although it is still not finished at all because we will have to wait for the monsoons to end

And we take this opportunity to thank each of the people who have contributed to this school eventually becoming little by little a reality.