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Day of Peace in favor of AKSHY

On the 30th of January Akshy was invited to take part in the Day of Peace celebrations held in the CEIP college Ana María Matute in Getafe, Madrid.  The children, teachers and parents all joined in with a solidarity stall and dancing.  All funds collected were donated to our NGO.





Alex, our Akshy Coordinator in Spain, and Juana, also a member and collaborator of Akshy, visited the college and gave a short talk to the teachers on our projects and needs.

Akshy´s institutional video was shown, leaflets were distributed and, after a short speech by the College´s Headmaster, we were handed a diploma and the sum of 783.30 Euros.

It was also agreed in the college that over the next few months a new activity will be introduced with the object of circulating our message and making the children more aware of other situations.

We are so pleased to have collaborators in such supportive colleges and hope that more and more schools will choose Akshy for these activities.



Our most sincere gratitude to the Head of the CEIP College Ana María Matute, to its teachers, pupils and their families for your donation which will be used to purchase school materials and uniforms.

If, dear reader, you work or have children in schools/colleges which might be interested in helping us, please contact: [email protected]

(+34)684 02 34 04