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EIRENE PUBLISHING HOUSE has been helping Akshy for the last four years through the sale of its books.


EIRENE EDITORIAL is a group of professionals and lovers of literature who have come together  in a line of publishing  defined by values such as love, conscience and compassion. Compassion in Greek can be accepted as sympathy for the sentiments of others and ways to help them.


EIRENE EDITORIAL wants to be an instrument of light and love accompanying all its readers, writers and collaborators along  the path to Peace and Interior Wealth.


For each book sold Eirene Editorial donates 1  euro to an NGO.


Below are the books which are sold for the benefit of Akshy Association and the link where you will find more information: http.// You can also make purchases online if you wish to help Akshy at the same time.


Thanks to the donation received this year we were able to prepare a room for a little school we have started in a neighbouring village where 35 children are now receiving education.  With the donation we bought a door and two windows, clay flooring and mats so the children have somewhere to sit.  Their Mums helped us prepare this room for the children by beating the clay for the floor.  Now there´s a classroom so they can start learning



                            The children when we still didn´t have a classroom or mats.



                             When it gets very hot we have the classes in the porch.


                                               On the left is our school´s new door.



                                                     Now we have 3 windows for better ventilation and light.


                               The Mums helped by beating and preparing the clay for the floor.


100_3121 copia

                                 Now the children have a place where they can learn that is clean and has plenty daylight.




                                 … and draw, sing and dance!


Thanks to EIRENE EDITORIAL and to Chelo!  We hope to enjoy your support for many years to come.