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On June 17th we took part together with other NGOs in the “Solidarity Saturday” held in San Lorenzo El Escorial.

It was a hot day but we attended our stand happily and enthusiastically, giving information on our projects to all those who visited it.

We also had the opportunity to greet friends of Akshy who came to see us and help in our different projects  by buying some article from the stall.

Many thanks to all the volunteers supporting Akshy and many thanks to Pilar who stitched the Akshy vests which were worn by them for the first time.

The proceeds are to go to our Association’ s projects and among them to an excursion to Kakolat for the Akshy School children.

Kakolat is about a 3 hour drive from Bodghaya and there’ s a small waterfall,a great place to escape to when the temperature gets up to 44C!   It’s also a day of entertainment and relaxation for Akshy teachers and staff.

In all we were  90 trippers, most never having ever left Amwan or gone on a coach.

The children were able to bathe, swim, enjoy themselves and keep cool. After lunch there we came back home tired but very happy after such an exciting day.

Here are some photos of the Solidarity Saturday and a short video of the trip to Kakolat

Thanks to everyone who went to the event and to the volunteers who gave their precious time in this event!