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Vikash in 2013, just started school

Some years ago all members of the Facilisimo staff (htp:// agreed to give a small amount of cash each month towards educating a child in our Association.

And that´s how they got to know Vikash!
Vikash, a Dalit or “untouchable”,  from a very poor family would never have had the opportunity to study if it were not for the generosity of the employees of Facilisimo who are helping him to attend our Askshy School and are paying for his uniform, books and school materials.
In 2013 Vikash was admitted to our Nursery School; today he is finishing Year III and in March will move up to Year IV.
Vikash is proud of having so many friends in Facilisimo who always look forward to receiving his letters and drawings.

Drawings and photos of Vikash in Facilisimo’s office

Facilisimo´s staff follow his progress through his drawings, letters and the photos he sends them regularly where they can see how Vikash is developing.
Last Christmas they wanted to extend their help to all the children so they too could receive a gift.  They held a collection and for 3 Kings Day sent our School a good parcel of school materials to be shared out among Vikash´s schoolmates.
There were games, coloured pencils, felt tips, drawing paper, etc.
A fine example, clearly, of what other offices could do by donating just a little towards strengthening the ties of friendship among workmates and, at the same time, giving a child in India the opportunity to have a better future.
Our most sincere thanks to all members of the Facilisimo staff!

Vikash, today, with a game received by Facilisimo