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We would like to share some good news with you:  this month of July we have received donations from 2 boys who have taken part in our GIVE SMILES programme for their birthdays.

When the Covid-19 crisis is turning the whole world upside down, there are acts of solidarity like those of these two young boys sharing their birthday presents to help children with less possibilities.

It is not easy for an adolescent to share his birthday  presents so I always think the gesture is of great value. At this age it is not the parents who decide but they themselves make the decision to share.

This blog notice is devoted to them for their generosity, solidarity and big heart which make them so special, not forgetting the parents who have educated their children in these values

Diego had his 13th birthday and took part in our programme for the first time; with his donation he  bought school materials for the Akshay School – exercise books, felt tips, penciles, erasers, etc.  He has received a letter and a postcard from the children and soon we hope he will also be sent a photo of them once the school opens again.

All we bought with Diego´s contribution.
A postcard for Diego

Marcos had his 17th birthday.  He had already taken part previously in the Give Smiles programme.  With his donation, and thanks too to all his friends seen in the photo, we were able to buy the furniture still needed for opening Class VII in the Akshay School.  The children will be so happy when they come back to school and will send him their very special smiles. 

A desk, a table for the teacher, a whiteboard and a noticeboard for Class VII .

Marcos celebrating his birthday with his friends.

To both of you we send our thanks for taking part in this Programme and for your valuable help.  We hope you have many more very happy birthdays!