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For the first ime in the history of AKSHY we have built a dwelling for our beneficiaries; its opening was a great celebration.  In a previous blog note we told you about the life of our student Munna and the hardships his family were suffering through losing their previous house in a storm. See…………

Munna´s house after the storm which destroyed the roof.

This week we completed building the new house,  all this being possible thanks to the generosity of Plinio Coll, Munna´s sponsor.  Following Indian tradition a puya was held where the hindu gods are asked for happiness in the house and that this last for many years.  Then Munna´s mother cooked a Khir (rice pudding) for all their neighbours of Amwan Colony, in this way sharing their happiness at having a new home.

Munna´s father in front of their new house

The house has two rooms and a bathroom, a luxury for them since the other houses still have no sanitation.

Munna´s family

The staff and teachers of Akshy in India attended the celebration.  The neiighbours respected social distancing in accordance with Covid-19 norms.

The happiness of Munna´s parents was enormous, since at long last their most important dream had come true:  a brick and mortar house, strong and resistent to protect them from severe weather conditions instead of the mud and straw hut they had before.

Munna was delighted

It gave us great pleasure to be able to provide  this new home for a family of hard workers who lived in such a miserable hovel.

Mother doing puya

The news appeared in the local press as you will see in the video: https://youtu be/h4igYP3ahnE

Once again we send our thanks to Plinio Coll for his kind help. Here are more photos of the event. 

Khir or rice pudding was distributed to all neighbours of Amwan Colony. 

News appearing in the local press

The Akshy team in India with children from the neighbourhood of the Akshay School

A thank you gift from Munna´s family