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This past year 2020 made us pause to think and realize more than ever how important it is and how fortunate we are in the Western world at having access to health systems.

In rural areas of India, the national health system is very poor, with only one doctor for every 1,000  inhabitants and, in many cases, people have to travel long distances to get medical attention.  With the pandemic, this situation has become worse as many health centres are now limited exclusively to the care of Covid-19 patients,  many others being left without such attention

We have often been witnesses to this lack of health care and have had to resort to paying for private medicine to get the right treatment.  The families with whom we work cannot afford such attention and access to the health centres covering their  districts is not easy given the distance to them from where they live.

In view of this, last Christmas we launched the 2021 Health Project by means of which we plan to help all Akshy children have medical attention when required.

Manish recovering

A few days ago we were presented with our first case in 2021.  A 9 year old boy, by name Manish, one of our Akshy School pupils, had serious pain from two stones in his urinary tract.  After attempting to get medical attention in the Gaya hospital where he was given medicines which had no effect, his parents could not stand hearing his screams of pain so he was taken to a private hospital where he had to have an operation to remove the stones; now Manish is relaxed and convalescing.
This is where our Health Project came into action by helping the parents to cover the cost of Manish´s operation since in their hard financial situation, it would have been impossible for them to pay. .

Thanks to the campaign and to all those who took part in it, today we could cover the cost of Manish´s operation and soon we hope to be able to provide all our children with access to a doctor and a nurse when necessary.

Every donation means hope for every child to have medical care.  We wish to thank you all here for making our Health Project possible.