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As we announced on several occasions recently, 2019 is the year dedicated to Women in Akshy, during which we are promoting a greater number of activities regarding the empowerment of the Woman.


Two weeks ago the building of a lecture room devoted exclusively to the women and girls was completed thanks to our members´ regular contributions as well as to donations we have been able to save from events held by Akshy in Spain.  All activities relating to women which were previously held in the assembly hall of the Akshay School or in a free classroom, will now have their own permanent space here.


The “Women United Centre” was opened on Saraswati Day where, firstly, a meeting was held to explain the importance of having a centre especially for women in Amwan, followed by a puya, a hindu rite carried out when any new place is opened.

The following activities will be held in our Centre:
       .      A 6 months course of sewing and pattern work – we have already completed this course with 14 different groups involving some 200 women.
            A Beautician Course , in which two groups with a total of 40 students have already received their diplomas.
             Also programmed are more courses on henna, bindi-making, etc.
             Meetings dealing with Microcredits in which over 200 women already take part.
             Talks for women on self-respect, hygiene/menstruation, child marriage, illnesses to which the woman is more prone, etc.
             The ABC Project designed for female adolescents who never had the opportunity  to study.
            And……… we hope we´ll have many more……..
We are happy to share this celebration with you and attach some photos of the event for you to see

Many,  many thanks to all members and donors who are helping to make this year the Year of the Woman in Akshy.