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por Raquel Mason | Ago 14, 2020 | Sin categoría | 0 Comentarios

In the AKSHAY Educational  School  we have made space to open a Computer Centre.  Up to now all we  had were a few old,obsolete computers.

Now we have received a donation of 9 complete computers ​from the ​ ASSOCIATION RUASOL in Burgos through Laure Peix;  these, together with the 5 old ones,  will  permit us to offer computer science classes to about 20 students,  all at the same time. 

In India there are so many young people who have no opportunity whatsoever to take classes since computer science is not a subject either in the State  or in Secondary schools.

Once they complete their secondary education they find themselves with an important obstacle:  if they wish to move on to other institutions or continue studying,  all applications and matriculations must be done online.  If they don´t know how to access the system,  they cannot discover the different possibilities of study available or the grants the Government may be offering.

At the present time the Indian Government is attempting to digitize everything so all must be done online.
This leads to a considerable absence of information for young people living in villages who never had the opportunity to learn and, in turn,  means  possibilities for their future are limited.

Thanks to the donation of computers we can now open a Computer Centre offering these young people the possibility to obtain basic computer knowledge for use in their studies as well as to access Government grants published on internet.  In the Centre the children from the Akshay primary school will also take their first steps in learning how to use a computer.

Ranjan Kumar teaching in Teacher’s Training Course

The Computer Centre has been called the JARED MIGUEL COMPUTER CENTRE in memory of Jared, Julie Harris’ son, who will cover the expense of the teacher.

The RUASOL ASSOCIATION AND JARED MIGUEL PIEDRA have made it possible for us to bring computer science to the young people in rural villages where they have no possibility of  access, and so find themselves at a disadvantage with regard to seeking work, Government grants, etc.

Teacher’s training course

Once the Government allows the Centre to have students again after Covid-19 confinement, there will be courses both for Akshay School and  Secondary students as well as for other young people studying advanced levels in the village.  Basic and advanced courses.will be offered.

In the meantime, a course for teachers is ongoing imparted by Ranjan Kumar, our Coordinator of Education, in which, through internet, they can access teaching material for use in the preparation of their classes.  There are two separate groups so we can maintain Covid-19 social distancing.

We are most grateful to Julie Harris for taking care of the Centre in memory of her son Jared Miguel Piedra, as well as to the Ruasol Association and Laure Peix for their joint collaboration in opening this centre and helping to empower young villagers.  Our gratitude also goes to Ranjan Kumar who is giving the computer training course to the teachers.