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Murti Devi and Suresh  Manjhi are a married couple of about 70 years of age who live in Amwan

Murti Devi´s big smile when told her house was to be repaired

Approximately a year ago they were brought into our Association´s Dada-Dadi project for elderly people, which is financed from members´ quotas plus events and market stalls  which Akshy holds throughout the year in Spain.

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Suresh Manjhi had a stroke a year ago and part of his body was paralized.  We took him to a centre for treatment and physiotherapy and now has certain mobility and can manage alone.





Murti Devi and Suresh Manjhi have two married daughters who live a long way away in other towns and no sons



In India it is the custom for parents to stay with one of their sons.  If they have none they live alone. Murti Devi and her husband are too old to work in the fields and, being so poor all their life, they were never able to save money for the future.  Neither do they receive any form of Government or State aid. Within our Dada-Dadi programme,  besides receiving food every month, we also repair their dwellings.

Murti Devi and Suresh Manjhi´s cottage was collapsing.  The roof was falling apart and the mud brick walls too.  The roof was covered with plastic which meant the temperature inside was very high, now in summer at over 40ºC.

We have repaired the walls and given them a tiled roof instead of straw and plastic, so making sure that no rain can enter.  In addition we have installed a door for their own safety as well as that of their sparse belongings. .

Soon the Monsoon rains will come but now Murti Devi and her husband have a dry home which will never be flooded.   This makes us all feel very happy.


Both of them are exceedingly happy and grateful to all those members who have collaborated in the rebuilding of their dwelling. Thanks to you too we can keep this project alive, giving dignity to the elderly who are left alone, so at least their most basic needs are covered.

¡Muchas gracias.!

Many, many thanks!

Here are some photos of how the work went on……….