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27 New boys and girls with ages between 4 and 5 have happily started classes in our Akshay School.

Admission to the school was accepted on only one day as there were too many applications. In just a few hours, more than 120 Mums and Dads with their children came to apply.

The selection was difficult as almost all the the applicants were from very poor families. We didn´t have many vacancies but they all wanted their children to come to our school.  We decided to accept 50% boys and 50% girls and take in  those who didn´t already have children in our school. In this way we gave them an opportunity to have at least one child in the family who can read and write.  Besides giving them schooling, the children  have many other benefits such as clothes, blankets, medical care, vaccinations, etc.

The children are from three of the villages where we work: Amwan, Amwan Colony and Nautapur.  All of them live in houses made of mud and straw with only one room or two.  Their parents work in the fields but in all cases on land belonging to others as they have no land of their own.

We urgently need sponsors for these children so we can provide uniforms, school materials, teachers´ salaries, etc.  If you could please pass on this note among your friends and families, we would be very grateful.

With 20 euros per month in this part of the world we can educate boys and girls, so giving them the opportunity to live their childhood without having to work, a fact  which changes their life entirely. With education as their tool, they can in time work to leave behind the misery in which they live and also become aware of their own rights.

Thanks you very much for reading this and helping us to circulate it.