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Empowerment of the Woman


We believe that the women are the motor behind any change.  It is important that they be united and protected so that all the strength they hold is used to face the problems before them, both of a family and social nature.

We are working to improve their self-esteem and give them tools with which they can contribute with their work to the family economy and, in this way, be respected by family and neighbours alike.  It should be remembered that in the rural areas of India, the woman, once married, must live with her husband’s family in surroundings where, in the majority of cases, she has no say even though she is the person responsible for the domestic chores and the upbringing of children.

In our Women’s Centre we hold different teaching courses on dressmaking, how to make bracelets, candle-making, etc.  We also have a micro-credit facility by means of which the women can face unexpected expenses without having to have recourse to lenders and so offer them the possibility of a job opportunity. Some women who have completed our courses have created a small business, the income helping in their domestic economy.

On a world scale, India is one of the countries with the highest rate of female illiteracy.  To help change these figures, in our school 50% of the places are reserved for girls.  In addition we hold literacy workshops for those adult and young women who never had the opportunity to attend a school.  Here they learn to sign their names as well as acquiring certain basic knowledge.
Education and formation are fundamental for them to leave this circle of poverty.

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