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May and June have been very special.  And special are the people who have wished to go that little bit further in helping AKSHY with some other of our needs.

“Six Drops of Water” have contributed to different Akshy projects: Toñi, Trini, Rosie, Jake, Hilary and Maria Jesus.

We are always in need of things which are not particularly noticeable; besides normal school expenses (books, materials, wages, etc.), there are other important items such as furniture, building maintenance, unforeseen repairs, insurance, doctors, taxes and rates, new projects we start,  more school admissions, etc. Without your help we could not meet them all.

In this Blog article we want to say a big THANK YOU to all those who have helped over the past two months and share with you their generosity and everything we have been able to do thanks to them.

Toñi and Trini: Two sponsors who gave an important donation which allowed us to have new doors put on the girls´ bathrooms, check out all plumbing, put in new urinals for the boys and more taps for hand washing so they do not need to wait in long queues.  Besides this we are painting the railings on the balconies as well as other maintenance jobs which had not been done since 2011 when the building was first constructed.


New doors on the girls´ toilets

Rosie and Jake: donated a desk for class 2 so now they do not have to sit on the floor!


Desk given by Rosie and Jake

Hilary Lunn: as well as translating the web and blog into English for us, converted her birthday presents into a wonderful cabinet which we needed so much for keeping all our electronic equipment safe, tidy and out of the dust.


IMG_1595 IMG_1598

Cupboard for electronic equipment given by Hilary

María Jesus: has given a donation which has allowed us to cover the initial costs in the new school at Nautapur of classroom materials and wages.  In addition, thanks to this donation, we were able to arrange for little Manoj to have a phimosis operation.  He had been in great pain since the summer holidays. Coming from a very poor family they could not have paid for it.  In the photo you can see the relief on his mother´s face as well as Manoj´s happy smile….. no more suffering!


Little school in Nautapur, class materials paid for with Maria Jesus´s donation


Manoj and his mum smiling again