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A group of 18 men and women sponsors and others from different parts of Spain interested in our AKSHY projects joined our trip entitled  “Contrasts of India”.

The group of participants


The first part of the journey was devoted to visiting those parts of the country  which all travel agents include – the Monumental India – so that through India´s history and people, their idiosyncrasies and contradictions can be understood.

Visits were made to cities such  as the capital, Delhi, the city of Jaipur so full of history, the Amber fort and the holy city of Benarés on the banks of the River Ganges,  in this way covering some of the best known and most representative parts of the country.

Taj Mahal

The second part of the tour was devoted to learning more about the “other India”, the parts never included in travel  brochures, rural India where most people live, the India where AKSHY works via its projects in Bodhgaya, the city of Buddha´s illumination  only visited by Buddhist pilgrims.

Amber fort

This second part was perhaps the most eagerly awaited by the group as they were to have the opportunity to meet their own  “godchildren”,  all the schoolchildren and also see the AKSHY projects at first hand, see how the funds collected are used and how so much can be done with the help of us all.

Waiting for the train

The arrival of the group at our AKSHAY EDUCATIONAL CENTRE was excitedly awaited and hoped for;  the children and the teachers had been looking forward to this moment for a long time.  There were hugs, tears, smiles and laughter when they all came together, so much emotion.  There was time enough too for interaction with the children in their classes, with songs, dances and games.  They were also offered help in tinting with henna thanks to some past pupils who had done our course on henna in our programme for women.  They were able to visit 3 villages where we work on different projects and in all of them  were welcomed with great affection.  The group also visited the houses of the children and met their families.

On the last day in the AKSHAY EDUCATIONAL CENTRE a cultural performance was offered for our guests – through the dances and songs we wished to thank them for their visit, for having come from so far to learn about our AKSHY projects.   During this event to which parents were also invited, we made it an opportunity  for the women to speak on their experience in our programmes such as the microcredit project,  workshops, talks on the importance of education, etc., at the same time sending out a message to the rest of the population on the importance of empowerment of the woman and the abolition of child marriages.

We are grateful to every single one of those who took part in this trip for giving us the chance to show you our projects,  to draw you all nearer to the reality lived by many children and their families in Bihar and  in this way place great importance on your help in passing a first hand message as witnesses to the work being done here.

We will remember you always with much affection and hope to see you here again sometime!

From Amwan we send you big hugs from all of us.  Until next time!

Dhanyavaad (Thank you)

Here are a few of the thousands of photos you all took……


Taking a rest and a “chai”, indian tea

All ready to perform!

Meeting their godchildren

Cultural Programme

Chai in Jaitiya

The river Ganga in Varanasi

On the train to Varanasi

Welcome with flowers

Distributing sweets

Shopping for the children

Doing the henna