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The Akshy Social Project
From the Valdecas College in Madrid we have received a donation for a cow to be bought for one of the most needy families in our Association!
Naku is a pupil in our Akshay School and his Mum and brother feel themselves gifted by receiving a cow and its calf.
Sanju Devi, a widow, works in the fields to provide for her children, but often there´s not enough money since there´s not always work available.  She can usually only work about 10 days each month and her wages are paid in rice or potatoes which means less than 3 euros/day.  Even with her elder son working too, the money is never enough.
With the cow they´ve called Soni and the calf Munna, they can sell 4.5 litres of milk/day, which represents about 4 euros. With cow dung they´ll have fuel for the fire and when the calf grows they can sell it.  Sanju is so happy since with this money she can help her son Nanku  in his education and also have a little set by for any emergency that could arise in her little family.
They are all three enormously happy and immensely grateful to the Valdecas College for its gift which will  bring an important improvement in their home life.
We  too are delighted to share this good news with you!  And show you how a small gesture can make such a great difference to the life of a woman and her children here in India.
Thank you Valdecas College!
Below is a video with some of the most important moments.