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“I measure the progress of a community by the level of progress reached by its women” (Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar).

As part of the work carried out to empower the woman, education is without a doubt our best tool.  However, due to the   reponsibilities placed on their shoulders from childhood onwards – taking care of silblings, domestic chores, etc. –  the girls have no access to schooling or only as far as primary.

Many pupils get married and can´t continue their studies.

For these young girls we have our workshops where they can receive further teaching and learn crafts which, at the same time, will help the family economy in the future.

The women presently in our Sewing Classes are the eleventh group!  It´s a mixed group of 18 young girls and older women from different castes which means the interaction among them is interesting to note, breaking all social barriers and helping each other.

This group has reached the half way mark in the course and can now make children´s clothes, blouses for women, men´s trousers and kurtas.

As always we thank the members of our Association who, with their donations, help us in this project and support the women of India.