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Another year has gone by and we find ourselves once again with the tremendous dilemma of receiving so many applications for admission to the Akshay School and only 30-35 vacancies.
I still remember how 12 years ago we had to go from house to house trying to persuade parents to let their children come to our school.
This month more than 140 people came to our Akshay School to apply for admission for their children for the academic year starting in April.  This shows us how with time our talks on the importance of education have seeped into their minds and how the neighbouring villagers of Amwan, Nautapur and Amway Colonly have seen the positive changes in their own children.  These parents know also that it is not only the education they receive but also the individualized attention, the medical care, vaccinations, presents of blankets, food, clothes, information on hygiene and the benefits for a family when  forced to face a serious problem.
It makes us sad not to be able to admit all the children since we do not have sufficient funds. It´s also hard for us to restrict access to so many but we hope that little by little and with your generous help, we will be able to give education to  even more of them.
Our selection is based firstly on giving places to those children who have either no father or no mother or who do not have brothers or sisters already in the school and, in this way, give them an opportunity for every home to have at least one member who can read and write, then we admit those children from the very poorest backgrounds and, finally, those children whose parents are willing to promise to delay their children´s  age for marriage,  especially their daughters´.  In addition we keep 50% of the places for girls.

We ask you to pass on to your family and friends the great need we have of sponsors so we can offer other children the possibility of receiving education, of having medical care, a place where for a few hours they are out of misery, where they can be little children not part of a workforce in the fields, a place where they can step by step start building a new future for themselves.

Becoming a sponsor (a Godfather or Godmother!) to a child only costs in Spain the same as a couple of aperitives per month, but we can make that amount go so much further in India,  to the point of bringing about a complete change in the life of a child thanks to education.

Can we persuade you to spread information on our work and help us to find new sponsors?

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