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Water Pump for the village of Jaitiya
In the villages where we work there is no running water and the villagers have to go to the pumps to get water for cooking, drinking, washing their clothes and for personal use.
Although the Government installs pumps for the population, they are only built with  a depth of 18-20 metres and usually dry up in the summer months,  so too many families must share the only pump with some water.

With a donation received from Teyo, we have been able to build a water pump with a depth of 30 ms. in the village of Jaitiya.  This depth ensures that it will also work during the summer months.





About 20 families who live in the area will benefit from our pump, which means some 100-120 people will have access to clean water to drink, wash themselves, cook, etc.
We inaugurated the water pump in the Indian custom  by holding a “puya” with which thanks are given to the benefactor, Teyo, and petitions are made for the pump to last for many years.
Very many thanks, Teyo, giving a gift of water is giving a gift of life!