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Puja is a Class V pupil in the Akshay School.  She and her family have also been able to benefit from our project “A Roof, A Home”.

Our student Puja and Raquel, the Director of AKSHY

Puja lived with her family in a mud dwelling with no running water or electricity in the village of Amwan Colony.

The roof covered with plastics and the entrance to the house

This dwelling was in such a terrible condition that they couldn´t stand up straight inside it as the walls were falling down.  Even so it was her home where she lived with her parents, a brother and a sister. .

Puja´s family

Some months ago the house suffered a fire and the roof made of straw went up in flames leaving them without a home

A building made of mud with thick walls.

Puja´s mother has to provide for all her family with her work in the fields, a labourer since they have no land of their own. She is only permitted to work for around 10 days a month and is very poorly paid. Her husband  has been ill for some time and can only do light work.

The building work.

Thanks to the donation made by Liliana Pilastra  in our project “A Roof, A Home”, we were able to rebuild this dwelling and give the family a safe place to live protected from the bad weather.  It had to be reconstructed from its foundations, this time with a tiled roof so avoiding fires and with a door to give them greater security.

Puja – happy to have a place to live

Puja´sfamily are most grateful for our help since, otherwise, they would have had no alternative but to live under plastics or ask for a loan that they would never have been able to repay in view of the family´s work situation.  Once again we thank all Liliana´s friends who helped to collect funds for this project.

Thank you! Your efforts have given a home to a family!

Puja in front of her new home