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Who are we?


AKSHY – We are a group of people – sponsors, members, supporters and friends – who wish to make voluntary contributions to fighting poverty and misery in India.

This idea began to take shape in the winter of 2005 when Raquel Mason Palomeque (the Founder and Director) visited Bodhgaya in the State of Bihar.  During her trip she began to understand more fully the real situation of rural India: the class distinctions existing between castes as well as the needs of the population, especially of children.

While in the village of Amwan, in the part where the dalits or untouchables live, Raquel saw a sick child called Akshay.  The poor little boy looked so sad, so unprotected and surrounded on all sides by dire poverty that it caused a deep impression on her. She sought a doctor and bought medicines for the child which cost just over one euro.  Akshay´s eyes were cured and he recovered his smile. Raquel felt it was impossible to turn her back on such scenes and she would have to do something. She realized that the only way to improve the living conditions of these children was by education in the widest sense, thus offering them an opportunity to become adults with dignity.  


Raquel started to send financial aid to cover the early needs of school materials and, in the summer of 2006, a little school was opened in Amwan for the children.

In January 2007 the Akshy Association was registered and gradually more people interested in offering their own drop of water to our ocean began to join us so that together it was possible to set up what is today the Akshy Association.  With the support of sponsors and helpers, a team started to draw up different programmes.

While the Association has grown and new projects have been introduced, the principles on which it was founded have not changed. Akshy continues to be a human, direct Association, accessible to all persons wishing to take part.