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In the month of June, Lugo relives its Roman and fortress history with a festival termed Arde Lucus, thanks to different organizations which take part in recalling this period, bringing the past to the present.

Maria, an Akshy “Godmother”,  belongs to one of the associations taking part  (, the MERCENARIOS GALAICOS.  This last Christmas, the group helped Akshy by sending a donation.

In the Akshy School the children grow and  from one year to the next their trousers, skirts and shirts become too small. Thanks to the donation of MERCENARIOS GALAICOS we have been able to buy new uniforms for children in the Akshy School, about 60 items!

By means of our blog we wish to thank all members of Mercenarios Galaicos who have given aid for the children of Akshy and to Maria for making our Association known to them.

Below is additional information on this Association so you know them better,  as well as photos of the Festival which we hope you enjoy and of our children with the uniforms we were able to purchase thanks to your generosity.

The association for a historical revival, MERCENARIOS GALAICOS,  merely claims to contribute to the discovery of certain aspects of the history of our forefathers which are not well known to present day society. The picture we hold of the Galicians as an isolated community which, until the arrival of the Romans, had no link with other cultures around the Mediterranean basin,   is far from true.  The presence of brave warriors, men of our lands in the armies of Carthage,  is only a sample of the  past mercantile connections of the Galicians with the Phoenicians.  

On the other hand, the need to open ARDE LUCUS to the extra-mural districts of our city, the original reason for establishing our Association, in attempts to bring a cultural explosion to its place of birth throughout the whole year in different ways and with different activities.  This same need brings us to have contact with  associations from other parts of the Peninsula with which we collaborate in showing the beauty of our distinguished city.