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“It would be imposible top ut into words how the past month has moved me. I was was terrified at the prospect of working on such a daunting Project and at being so far from home at the same time. However the care, friendship, help, advice, tea, food, above all LOVE has overhelmed me completely” (Rory)

“I had such a wonderful time here. To explore the beautiful sides, but also the problems of India was very important to me.” (Stephanie)

“My heart feels empowered by all the empowering energy in Akshay Centre. It is not a mere educational Project, there is so much heart around that “nothing” that could be used to describe the reality of the lives of the members of this Project. There are no words to explain the size and importance of what you are doing. Neither there are adjectives to explain what I ‘ve felt being a part of all this. Teachers, welcomed me as part of their lives, students soon became familiar with my face and foreign manners. The true heart of all made sense to the truth in the Project. This is reality  and this is a real Project with real heart. “(Jorge)

“Everyday has been so so wonderful. Every child, every teacher, cleaners, guards, even the dogs, everyone made me laugh every single day.  This has to be the  best experience I’ve ever had. “ (Sam)