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Another year has gone by and, last May, Hugo, an important helper (9 years old) in our Association celebrated his birthday with his friends and shared his presents again with the Akshy children.

All the children in the Akshy school know who Hugo is!

On this occasion too his help was very important as we were able to buy soaps, felt tip pens, uniforms etc. but the star presents were the 3 lovely desks we really needed.  Up to now the children of class 2B had to sit on mats on the floor.  When they saw the desks this morning they were so happy to be able to sit down like the big boys and girls!

We are very grateful to Hugo who year by year continues with his generous feeling of  wanting to share; at his age it´s not always easy for children to accept not having birthday presents so as to donate them to other children.

We believe there´s great merit in what he does!

We also want to THANK the boys and girls who supported Hugo´s decision and were present at his birthday party: Claudia, Adrian, Julia, Aaron, Izan, Max, Paula, Marcos, Alex, Adrian and Alvaro.

And very especially to Hugo himself who with his gifts managed to bring a lot of  smiles to little children´s faces.

You can see them here.


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