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Marina, all ready!

Marga, a sponsor in Akshy, convinced her daughters of the value of solidarity to such an extent that one of them, Marina, organized an Akshy market stall for Christmas decorations she made.  Her friends at the Cooperativa San Veri Nou school (  joined in and helped her with the stall; one girl, April, wrote a lovely letter for the Akshy school children and another, Nuria, only 5 years old, managed to save 3.90 euros for Akshy in her moneybox.  Examples for us all!

With what they collected and we received we were able to buy school materials for the 172 pupils in the Amwan (Bodhgaya) Akshay School,  enough to last them for 3 months!
We wish to thank Marina, an inspiration for us all, but also all her companions in the Cooperativa Son Veri Nou School in Mallorca.

Marga and Javi, proud parents

Our thanks also go to Jordi Cervera (the School´s Headmaster), to Mabel Salva (Head of Studies) and to Albert Crespi (tutor) who all supported Marina´s idea and encouraged the other children to take part; without their support all this would not have been possible.

A big thank you to Marga for believing in our project, supporting it and informing others, as well as introducing her own children to the idea of solidarity for those who have less.

This is Marga´s letter and the photos:

In February 2016 I visited India where I had the opportunity to meet Raquel Mason and the wonderful AKSHY project in which she and her team work both in Spain and in India.  From then on, I decided to give all my help to Rachel personally as well as to  the great work which her team is carrying out for the Indian Dalit community.  I took more interest in the School and have sent parcels of school materials to one of its classes where I am a sponsor.  I am not, however, alone in this link to them and the work involved – my daughters. aged 6 and 8,  always help me. A month ago we received videos and photos of our last remittance and were moved to see the little smiling, happy faces using the paints we sent them.  That day, Marina my elder daughter,  had a classmate at home with her.  They went up to her room and a few minutes later came down again with the decision that they were going to do something special: they were going to organize a market stall for the Akshy children.  So off they went to collect possible items from our house, make bracelets, etc. They felt at the same time that just the two of them was not enough, so they worked hard at persuading their other classmates to become involved as well.  Their Tutor spoke to the Headmaster who at once gave them permission to set up a stall and sell their craftwork on the day of the  School´s Christmas Festival.  So here we have a video, some little girls, a feeling of love, an idea, a project ongoing and a PLAN OF ACTION FOR HELPING.  One day I went to my daughter´s class to give a short talk to the children of 3rd. Year Primary  on my  experience in the Akshy School and the way of life of its pupils, what being a Dalit (untouchable) means in India.  Their reaction was great, their eagerness to know more was remarkable, their eyes said it all – I had made a connection, an enormous bond.  Children are children and they all told others about my talk.  They don´t need long words, only meaningful looks and comprehension.  At once we started our work by preparing Christmas decorations to sell on the stall.  It was such a success!  To our surprise, this wasn´t all – when the other primary teachers in the school heard of our project,  they decided to join us and work with their pupils by means of the videos provided by the Association which of course support the concept of human values.  They gave classes on other realities which also exist and are very present although not often pleasant to see.  On the Festival day when our stall was set up, I was moved to see the number of children from 10 to 14 years of age who came of their own free will to give us a donation.  Their money. One little girl gave me a letter to send to India.  When her parents came they told us she had been talking to them about the AKSHY project all week and they felt the need to give a donation too.  I was most impressed by the considerable feeling of compassion felt by these children. It was precious.”  

All the scholar material!

April’s letter to the children of Akshay School

Nuria’s savings