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Objectives and Values


Our main objective is to promote the improvement of the most under-developed rural communities in India with particular emphasis on the “untouchables”.

Our task is based on working to eradicate extreme poverty, fight against injustice and find the means to reach a more equal society with the same opportunities for the dalits, an ostracised sector of Indian society, by providing them with information on their rights and helping them to defend themselves, to make them known and have them  taken into account.   

We place great importance on listening to the needs of these people personally while of course respecting their traditions and customs.

We are committed to supporting them continuously, regularly and seriously, all of which encourages the people to trust us in the work we do as well as giving us ideas on how to extend our projects.

We base our work on values such as ethics, wisdom, responsibility and altruism which, being universal, can be shared by all regardless of age, culture, race or religion and are based on the Universal Education Programme.

Our aim is to educate for a meaningful life, develop an individual’s potential for reaching happiness and personal excellence, contributing from there to the welfare of others, to a better society and a more harmonious world.  The values and attitudes we teach as promoted in the Universal Education Programme are essential to the honesty of our projects.