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Almost a year later, the Sangwari Sheek Kendra Centre, opened by the AKSHY ASSOCIATION in June 2021 in conjunction with the Nivedita Trust Foundation in Chhattisghar is seeing its first results.  This project was made possible thanks to the generosity of the members of Zen Yoga Ruasol who supported it with their donation.  The Akshy Association has always supported minority groups, dalits and tribal communities through education, seeking to achieve greater balance within the social system. 

Sangwari learning centre has locations in two villages with 91 students, its main objective being to support the children of the Sabariya tribe in their studies, especially in their passing from their dialect to hindi; with only their maternal dialect they have problems in following the classes in hindi in the Indian Government school. 

The teacher belongs to the same community so the children are able to better understand the subjects as explained in their own dialect.

They can now write and pronounce hindi correctly.  They have also learned to add, subtract, multiply and divide by 4 figures.  They have discovered the meaning of hygiene and now come to the centre with clean clothes, hair and nails cut.  Before,  these children were shy and hardly had contact with any of those from other communities, but now they feel far more confident and have started to mix with them.

The children now know they have a right to education and tell their parents they do not want to go with the sheep but to school.  They are learning to express themselves correctly and and also how to prepare a paper to make an application of some kind in the Council Offices, should this be necessary. The parents are illiterate but have begun to realize that their children´s education is fundamental for the future of their community and are very satisfied with the changes they see in their offspring.

Some days ago a cultural programme was held in which the children and all  members of their community took part; in addition to giving the children the opportunity to show their artistic ability, this event also helped to increase their union as well as strengthening the presence of the Centre.

The news of this event and of the work being carried out by the Sangwari Centre for the Sabariya tribe´s children was publishd in the local press.

With this blog entry we wish to give our thanks to the Zen Yoga Ruasol Centre for its support in helping us to bring their due rights to tribal communities in India