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We are happy say that a new Group of dressmakers has completed the 6 months sewing course, this time with 11 women. It is the 17th Groupon since we started offering programmes for the empowerment of women.

Sangita, with her new sewing machine, won the first prize.

This Group has been very special since its members are from Nautapur. They are totally illiterate, not ever having had the opportunity to study. It was a significant challenge for them to attempt to learn to sew.

The women of the 17th sewing group with their teachers Rinku Devi and
Guriya Devi.

These women belong to the poorest of familias and for them to buy a sewing machine was an impossible dream. So this time as first prize we gave a sewing machine to the best pupil and sewing kits as 2nd and 3rd prizes.

2ª and 3ª position in the examen received a sewing kit.

This is the story of Sangita Devi, the 1st prize winner, who is illiterate and has only learned to write her name:

She had wanted to learn to sew for a very long time but in her parents hamlet there were no opportunities at all. In 2019 se got married and came
to live in Nautapur. Her husband works on loading and unloading tractors of sand. She told her husband what she would líke to do so with her mother-in-law she came to our Centre to put her name down.
At the begining she was very nervous since, being illiterate, she didn’t know if she would be capable of learning, although she was very keen to do so.With support from her teacher Rinku Devi as well as from her classmates and family and plenty hard work she came first in the exam and won the sewing machine. Now she wants to open a little business in Nautapur where she will sew for the community and have an income to help the overall family economy.

Sangita is very grateful for the opportunity she has had which, thanks to the support of Akshy’s members, helped to make her dream come true.

Thank you for your donations in support of women. We hope to continúe offering courses and new opportunities in the future. ,