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Universal Education

Educacion Universal

Universal Education is a teaching project dealing with important qualities and values such as Ethics, Wisdom, Responsibility or Altruism which, being universal, can be shared by all people regardless of their age, culture, race or religion.

Its aim is to educate for a meaningful life and, given that any change begins with the individual himself, so develop his potential for reaching happiness and personal excellence to be able to contribute from then on to the well-being of others, to a better society and a more harmonious world.

This type of education covers the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects, cultivating positive values and qualities, developing all human capabilities and intelligence in an integrated manner.

Meditation is held every morning which, in turn, helps to maintain the pupils´ concentration, to be alert and feel at peace throughout the day.

At Akshy we believe that education is the basis for the future as well as for day to day living. For this reason we uphold the belief that the values and attitudes contained in the Universal Education are essential to give genuine honesty to our project.
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