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Assistance for the Elderly and Disabled: Dada-Dadi


The precarious economy of families in rural areas, together with the fact that they belong to the “untouchable” caste, place old people and the disabled in an atrociously vulnerable situation.

When these families go short, and as a means of keeping the rest of the family alive, old people and the disabled are separated from them and left to their fate in total poverty.

By means of our programme we ensure they have a roof over their heads, a daily meal, as well as clothing and medical care, at least the minimum necessary to survive.

Our primary and secondary pupils take an active part in this project by visiting the elderly and disabled who belong to our Dada-Dadi scheme and inviting them to the celebrations they have at school. In this way, the students learn to be supportive, to respect older and weaker people or those with physical problems, to be generous with their time and to show kindness. In short, they put into practice the education in values which they are taught at school.