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Social Attention for the Woman

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In this programme we attempt to fight violence and abuse of women.

In spite of the fact that different laws exist in India recognizing equal rights for both sexes, the role of the woman continues to be underestimated.  Similarly, legislative attempts to foresee the problems derived from traditional practices such as the dowry, child marriages, raping, etc., are not obtaining the results expected and these practices continue to exist in areas where the population lives in conditions of extreme poverty.

In our Women’s Centre we organize informative talks so the women can become aware that they have rights and should use them.

We place special attention on widows and women who have been abandoned, an ignored social group which suffers poverty as well as physical, emotional, cultural and religious ostracism.   

We also organize workshops on hygiene and health in which we cover aspects such as pregnancies, baby care, problems of alcoholism, domestic violence, etc.