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Rui, a little boy of 6 years old,  has been saving up in his moneybox for two years.  One morning recently he got up and told his mother that he was going to write a letter and he needed an envelope as he was going to put his savings in it so he could give them to “Rousham”, the boy in Akshy he sponsors. What´s more he went off very decidedly to the  bank to hand over his money.
The generosity of little children often overwhelms us!
With this donation Rousham had a pair of new trousers, a shirt, and some sweets and soaps to share with his classmates.
What a lesson Rui gave us!
Rousham and the other children of Akshy saw the video we include here and love their little friend Rui.
Thanks Rui, you´re now their hero!

Rui with his envelope prepared

On his way to the bank