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The people included in our Dada-Dadi project are grandparents or disabled persons who have no family to support them in these final years of their lives and cannot work to earn their own daily bread.  Some of them have illnesses such as leprosy, tuberculosis, severe disability or senile dementia, and cannot by any means hold a job of work.  Others have a family but, with so much poverty and misery, neither food nor medicines nor clothing reach the oldest members.

In Bihar there are two important festivals, Durga/Diwali and Holi, when the tradition is to wear new clothes.  This is the time when we offer new garments to these old people in addition to the food, medical attention and toiletries we give them every month.  During the year we also help to repair their poor dwellings, or give them beds as well as other necessities.  But the most important thing we give them is affection, the knowledge that they are not alone, that they have a place to go when in need. During the Durga and Diwali festivals  this year they were given clothes and we managed to put a smile on each face in spite of their sufferings.

Some of these people belong to neighbouring villages and owing to their disabilities or their age,  cannot get to the centre so we visit them in these miserable homes to make sure they are well or take them what they need.

This project is financed thanks to the generosity of the members of our Association and to occasional donations for which we are most grateful since, usually, such donations are intended for the children and we often forget that reaching old age in India can be an act of survival.

Many, many thanks to our Members and Supporters!

Just received their new clothes


Showing off their new outfit!

Receiving some hygiene items