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When our younger members give us a wonderful example of solidarity like this, it shows us without a doubt that there is still hope for a better future.
We were much impressed by Eros and Hugo´s own initiative and congratulate their parents as this is clear proof of  how they are  teaching their children true values.  Many thanks Eros and Hugo. You´re great boys! Thanks also to all your friends who also helped by showing solidarity for the children of Akshy.

Hugo and Eros are ready!

Eros and Hugo, age 10 and 11, are friends and neighbours too.  They have been helping Akshy for some time now in the programme “Give Smiles” and their parents are members. This summer Eros had a brilliant idea for helping us: he bought 18 spinners,  all the craze at present, and set up a little market in the colony where he lives.  Hugo liked the idea and suggested bringing books from home to sell too.

Waiting for customers

A spectacular organization! The boys rounded up most of the children of their colony but not only to buy spinners but also to donate toys and books they didn´t need. They split into three groups, one looked after the shop, the second explained to those coming to visit them what Akshy is and the third gave out leaflets on our Association and encouraged their neighbours to take a look in the shop.

Noting down all the entries!

They collected 163.60 Euros and are very proud of this experience of organizing a solidarity market.

Working hard!

It was a great day.  They learnt a lot and worked as a team for a good cause.  They are now thinking of organizing another market for next week…..