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For 20 euros per month you can give a child a good education as well as providing school materials, uniform, etc. The girl or boy will also receives psychological support and medical care.  

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If you wish to become a sponsor there are two different ways: either be sponsoring one child or sponsor a full class of children.

To Sponsor an Individual Child

This is one of the most effective ways of helping us since the financial aid received covers all aspects of the child’s education and health and this, in turn, has its repercussion on that child’s family by improving the conditions in which the particular child lives. This direct, close contact with a child helps us to discover the family’s needs and hardships and in this way we can offer our assistance more efficiently.    

In addition, through the children, their families and relations learn of our other projects from which they can often also benefit.

As a sponsor you can follow a child’s development via letters, photos and drawings he/she will do for you. 

For this type of aid, the sponsor is asked to accept a monthly commitment of a fixed amount – 20 euros per month.   


Class Sponsorship

In order that no child feel left out and all the class are happy knowing they have a sponsor,  this new option has been introduced. The sum payable is also monthly but the amount can be chosen by the sponsor/s.   With the contributions from all these sponsors, it is hoped that the expenses for the education and health care of the pupils in the classes at any of the schools can be payed.

In this case, a whole class will be content knowing a family or families abroad and the boys and girls will share their culture with them;  they will put your postcards and photos up in the classroom. You can tell them where you live, what you do etc. They are all eager to hear all about their sponsors and their lives.


Please get in touch with us through the following email: