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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they only have a heart”

Elisabeth Andrew

Volunteering in India

Volunteering in INDIA: The people who are working in situ are fixed local staff.  The volunteers do specific jobs which the Indian personnel cannot do or they do support their work. 


  • Minimum age: 21 years

  • English – an average level for communication

  • We require a minimum stay with us of  2 months. If less, we would consider the Curriculum and the work to be undertaken.

  • A serious commitment.

  • Good health – Physical, moral and psychological.

  • Ability to adapt and work in a team.

  • Respect for the culture and traditions of the country.

  • Have determination and initiative.

Professional Profile for Our Organization in India

  • Infant teachers

  • Educator/Psychologist/Teacher qualified to instruct teachers

  • Monitors for open air activities or craft and recreational workshops 

  • Health professionals (nurses, doctors, etc.)

Other Profiles

  • Persons willing to devote time to help the children with their homework, paint classrooms, help in the library, prepare games, assist the teachers in preparing their materials.

  • Teachers of yoga

  • Song and dance instructors

  • Others: if you can offer abilities other than those mentioned or can do a job not mentioned but which could be of use in one of the projects, please give us detailed information on the same.


  • The organization does not require any financial support to fund this voluntary work.

  • The working week in India is from Monday to Saturday

  • The working hours are adapted to the needs of the organization and volunteers must take part in all activities where and when they are needed.   

  • Food and lodging are to the expense of the volunteer but the organization will help them find suitable accommodation at a reasonable price.

  • The work is voluntary with no financial remuneration.

  • The organization does not cover the cost of travel to Bodhgaya nor of transport to the Amwan Educational Centre but will provide a bicycle.

If you are interested in being a volunteer with the Akshy Association in India, please send us your Curriculum together with:

  • A recent photo
  • A letter explaining your reasons
  • Please state the date you would like to travel and your time available to the following email address:
Volunteering in Spain

In Spain we need people to help us in raising funds and raising awareness. You can also tell us what you are good at doing and propose some form of collaboration. Get in touch with us and we think how you could fit. You can send us an email to

Testimonials from volunteers who have collaborated with Akshy

“Thank you so much for changing the lives of so many children, for opening a thousand doors and giving them a chance! A pleasure to have collaborated with you, I think the transparency of this NGO is incredible.”


“The children have given me much more than I could give them and that is why I want to thank them.”


“Los niños me han dado mucho más de lo que yo les pude aportar y por eso quiero darles las gracias.”


“It has been three intense weeks, with smiles, discoveries, learnings and a lot of humanity. I came to “teach” and I feel that I have received a lot, the learning has been enjoyable.”


“I have no words to describe all the feelings and emotions that have awakened in me. Since I arrived every day was a gift full of smiles, love, play, care and love … ”


“The joy that children transmit is unparalleled and you feel very comforted to be able to contribute your share!”


“It has been a privilege and a great pleasure to have been able to share these beautiful days with this beautiful project and especially with all its human components and especially with the great treasure that is the children that fill these classrooms, flooded with great amounts of joy and happiness. shine of its lumnious smiles that I can not forget. When I came here with the intention of helping and having fun and a good time, the truth has been that all of you have given to me was much more and that is why I want to tell you that I return to my daily routine but with a heart reinforced with affection and gratitude.”


“I found this organization and the opportunity to come and collaborate here purely by chance. Now I know that nothing is by causality and that I needed to find you! Anyone who comes even for a short visit will realize the importance of the work they do for the good of the Dalit community. I have spent an unforgettable month and my hair stands on end when I take stock and I am immensely grateful for the treatment of all the members of the school and the respect and openness shown to our work here with physical exercise and children.”


“It has been a wonderful experience to visit the school. I hope to return next year and be able to contribute a little more. It is a project which results can  easily  be seen in the faces of children.”


“I am delighted to have been able to participate in the projects of this NGO, where every day I felt a deep appreciation for the work that is done here day by day. Thank you for making me feel part of this great family, for having made me feel protected. Thank you for your effort, for your patience, for your generosity to change a piece of the world, pushing it to evolve towards a fairer and more hopeful world.”


“What has struck me most is the great kindness of the people of the villages, of the teachers, of the students and of their smiles, of the families that I have known and had the opportunity to be with them, the wonderful  natural landscapes and rice fields, the bright colors and  all the estimulation the country offers.”

José Manuel

“A long time ago I wanted to know the Akshay school. The integral attention they receive, thanks to our sponsorship, is multiplied by covering almost all the children needs to grow! Children are transforming, from being totally marginalized children, they are discovering what education is and they are becoming little people. The most important thing is the education they receive through Universal Education, to develop their qualities of kindness, love, compassion and other ethical values.”


“I like to know that the day I trusted my intuition when choosing Akshy was not wrong. This centre turns out to be an oasis in the middle of an arid desert, a desert of values ​​and vital needs for a human being. It gives me immense tranquility to have come here and see how this school is managed, seriously, with determination and great hope, with hopes of making these children better people and that in turn future generations can benefit from the generosity of the people behind this organization.”


“Just the month we arrived at Akshy the whole school was working Gratitude and that we felt every minute we spent in school. Gratitude for being able to meet and share with those children so vivid and special the hours. Gratitude because they gave us the opportunity to give what we had to give and receive it with such joy. Gratitude to Raquel for having left so much to give so much and change so many lives. Thank you, this word that is sometimes said out of courtesy on this occasion we say it full of gratitude.“

Alexis y Ana