Hosting por

This month of April Roger came to lend a hand as a volunteer in our Akshay Educational Centre.  He stayed for 4 weeks during which there was an interesting cultural exchange between him, our pupils and the teachers.

Roger was very keen to help in spite of the heat and difficult conditions.  He gave a computer course to a group of pupils of from 10 to 17 years of age.  The  children appreciated it very much as they don´t have an opportunity to learn computer practice anywhere else.

He also helped in the office with computer data for the staff.  Besides this he did some correcting for teachers and even had time to hold two workshops for the little ones – one making postcards and the other showing them how to paint ladybirds on stones they collected.  The children loved these workshops!

Here in our blog we wish to show Roger how grateful we are for offering his time to the children of our Association.  They are now missing him so much!


We hope you have a happy trip home and that your experience in our Centre has been a positive one.