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We are pleased to announce that another 18 women have completed the Sewing Course in our United Women´s school.  This is the 11º course completed!

Some are young girls who in the near future will get married and go to live in other villages with their husbands´ families where they will be able to put into practice what they learned in our Centre or perhaps even open a little business and so help their domestic economies.

Others are married women who wish to learn something new and again contribute to their families incomes, in spite of the social restrictions placed on many of them for leaving the home for a while.

In the photos you will see they have been taught to sew from children´s clothes to adult garments,  for both  men and women.

We must congratulate this group for their attendance and enthusiasm in class and hope that what they have learnt with us will be of great use to them.

We thank all Akshy members who have supported us in making these courses possible for the empowerment of women, with very special thanks to Guriya Madam, our course Coordinator and Sashi Prabha, our Sewing Teacher.