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Dear Friends of AKSHY,
By means of our blog we wish to thank all those who took part in the 5-Euros-one-Winter-Jumper Campaign in
Right now it is very cold here in Bodhgaya with night and early morning temperatures falling as far as 7 ºC.  Considering that there is no heating and, given the humidity of the fog, one feels the cold more.
The Governor of Gaya has issued orders recently to close the schools due to the cold since the population is not equipped for cold weather and does not have the appropriate warm clothing.
This winter, thanks to your support in the jumper campaign, we have been able to buy a jumper and a scarf for each child needing them as well as warm underwear.  As and when we received the donations, we bought the jumpers and scarves. Not one child in our three schools has been left without a jumper and a scarf. We have also been able to purchase a blanket  each for the old people in our Dada-Dadi programme, so have helped them to feel a little more comfortable  .
Your help in circulating information on our campaign was most significant and our message  reached many more people.
Once again, a thousand thanks for having made this winter a little less cold with your support for our campaign.